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* - Indicates Without Equipment
Making Dreams Come True - Prices Start in the Low $22,900
Note: All orders not prepaid require 50% of retail price paid before equipment will be ordered. 20% restocking fee will apply to all cancelled orders.

(Do not include Trailer, Vehicle or Hut)
Standard Package Installed
With Equipment = $28,900
*Without Equipment = $22,900
    *Astoria Espresso Machine (Model AL2 Gloria)
    *Manual Grinder
    12-Oz Cup Holder
    16-Oz Cup Holder
    20-Oz Cup Holder
    10-Lb Ice Bucket With Lid
    Three Compartment Sink
    Hand Washing Sink
    Paper Towel Holder
    10-Gal Fresh Water Tank
    15-Gal Gray Water Tank
    1800 Watt Power Inverter
    Two Deep Cycle Batteries
    Roof Vent
    Interior Light
    Custom Service Window
    Display Rack for Syrups
    Water Softener LT. 8
    Knock Out Box
    Shot Glasses
    Jigger for Syrups
    48-Inch Cabinet
    16-Inch Cabinet
    Water Pump
    20-Lb Propane Tank
    6-Gal Water Heater
Upgrades and Extras
Call for Quotes
    Espresso Machine
    Pot Rack
    Display Racks
    CD Player
    Extra Cabinets
    Stainless Steel Counters
    Blender (Granitas)
    Custom Water Systems
    Custom Paint
    Generator (Cube Van Only)
    Propane Tanks
    Jump Seat
    Alarm System
    Stainless Steel Cabinets
    Desk Top Publishing
Supply Package
    1000 12-Oz Foam Cups
    1000 16-Oz Foam Cups
    1000 20-Oz Foam Cups 3000 Lids
    30 Bottles of Syrup
    Box of Straws
    Bundle of Napkins
    5 -Lb Sugar
    Box of Sweet and Low - 300 Quantity
    Box Lipton Chai Tea
    Box of Lipton Tea
    25 Lb of Espresso Coffee
Cost = $960
Items Free With Purchase of Espresso Equipment Master Sheets
    Purchase 12 Get One Free Card
    Pre-Purchase Coffee Card
    Promotional Pre-Purchase Coffee Card
    12 Oz Coffee Gift Cards
    16 Oz Coffee Gift Cards
    20 Oz Coffee Gift Cards
    Menu 1/4 Size
    Alt Menu
    Alt Menu 1/4 Size
    Business Cards
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